Expanding Our Horizons

Apart from the Group’s core business of manufacturing and distribution of convenience foods, TYJ sees opportunities in investing in the growth of other industries in Asia, particularly in China.

As Asian economies prosper, the aspiration to own homes or to upgrade to more luxurious ones will be a growing trend, not only in mature markets, but in new metropolises as well. The Group has a subsidiary company based in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province focused on developing quality residential and commercial properties in and around the Yangzhou area.

We have always believed in the prospects of Asia’s food and beverage industry – partly because we are in the industry ourselves. Therefore, we have invested in quality companies such as Super Coffeemix since 2003.

We see other major sectors that hold much promise in the years to come. China has a strong need to improve its environment management, and we see much potential in investing in the recycling of the earth’s resources, harnessing of energy, renewable energy and water treatment.

Emphasis on holistic and high quality healthcare and wellness for the ageing population is a growing trend that is here to stay. We recognise the growth potential of this market and invest in leading healthcare facilities in Singapore and Malaysia.