Food Safety Awareness

TYJ is where it is today because we never compromised on quality and hygiene, and we continually strived to innovate. A leader in the global food and beverage industry, TYJ is fully committed to upholding the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene in its manufacturing facilities around the world. Since 1998, TYJ has held the stringent internationally-recognised HACCP certification as well as the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) highest grade for Global Standard for Food Safety.

Basic Food Handling Tips

Keep Clean
  • Wash your hands before handling food and often during food preparation
  • Wash your hands after visiting the toilet
  • Wash and sanitize all surfaces and equipment used for food preparation
  • Protect kitchen areas and food from insects, pests and other animals
Avoid cross contamination –
separate raw food from cooked food
  • Separate raw meat, poultry and seafood from other foods
  • Use separate equipment and utensils (such as knives and cutting boards) for handling raw foods
  • Store food in containers to avoid contact between raw and prepared foods
Cook thoroughly
  • Cook food thoroughly, especially meat, poultry, eggs and seafood
  • Bring foods like soups and stews to boiling to make sure that they have reached 70°C. For meat and poultry, make sure that juices are clear, not pink. Ideally, use a thermometer
  • Reheat cooked food thoroughly