Our Services

That’s right. At Tee Yih Jia, we not only provide off-the-shelf pastry snacks to customers but we also extend our “tailoring” expertise to suit each and every individual need of our customers.

So, if you feel that you require ready- to-cook snacks which are not available in the market, or you want extra chilli in the filling or even a special shape for your samosas or spring rolls, we will deliver that quantity, filling or shape to you.

Our commitment to cater to customers’ personalised needs stems from our strength in contract manufacturing service. It is exactly this high degree of commitment that has brought Tee Yih Jia to where it is today – a leading, global food manufacturer in this industry. Don’t let our size deter you, instead think of us as your custom tailor for pastry snacks.

So talk to us today to “tailor make” your pastry snacks!