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Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing (TYJ) is an established export-oriented Asian frozen food manufacturer with world class production facilities in Singapore, China, Malaysia and USA.


Our Products

Our extensive product range consists of a wide selection of Asian specialities.

Plant-Based Products

Taste what the alternative to meat could be

Spring Roll Pastry

The classic oriental wrappers for your crispy pastry snacks


Delicious and easy to prepare pastry-related dishes

Spring Roll & Samosa

Leaves you yearning for more with every bite


BBQ Bun • Glutinous Rice • Gyoza • Satay • Shaomai • Nuggets • Sausage Rolls • Lasagne • Spaghetti Bolognese • Fish Fillets

Glutinous Rice Ball

A traditional sweet Asian delicacy and dessert


Nacho Chips

Roti Soup Bowl

Salmon Wellington

Events and Parties